Sunday, October 3, 2010

B K N O / A new T-shirt concept

‘BKNO is a new concept of t-shirt design mixing cultural capital and innovative design, created by Laura and Carolina Daza, two Colombian sisters living in New York City and working in collaboration with Tisch’s Office of Community Connections.’

Our designs are inspired by the NYU Healthy ALIVE program created by Carolina, and the unique fashion design of Laura. Our t-shirts fit the slow fashion concept, and are touched with bright colors and unique asymmetrical patterns that give the garments a new look for everyone. We work to serve the community with alternatives to the rapid pace of the NYC lifestyle, and to inspire healthy, creative, and environmentally conscious living.

BKNO has a limited edition of t-shirts for young communities, who feel a unique style, and who differentiate themselves from the rest, because of their emotional connection to fun, artistic, and creative lifestyles. BKNO refers to the Spanish adjective BACANO, used in the northern coast of our home country Colombia, to describe excitement and happiness.

Our ultimate goal with this project is to build community, inspire arts-based projects, and promote agents for social change, who care for the NYU community, as well as those around NYC’s five boroughs and the world.

We offer 4 different BKNO concepts that are hand-made with recycled material:

*Identity: Colombian cultural symbols and signs.

*Artistic: Abstract and geometrical art.

*Eco-friendly: Environmentally sustainable symbols.

*Do-it-yourself (DIY): Hand made by each person who is wearing it.

Photos: Laura Daza