Tuesday, March 15, 2011

F L A V O R P A P E R / Brooklyn

While enjoying a cappuccino in Bogotá, the capital city of Colombia, I read about Flavor Paper; and vibrant colors popped up into my head,… after almost a year here I am… at Flavor Paper in Brooklyn.

Flavor paper is an artistic costumed hand-screened wallpaper company founded by Jon Sherman in New Orleans, and later brought to Brooklyn.

The flavor story starts with a guy named TED, the legendary designer from Oregon. After several years, a group of designers, including Jon Sherman, saved this little company, relocating it in the ByWater Distric of New Orleans. Flavors’ designs and vibrant colors, immediately caught the attention of design lovers, rock stars, nightclubs, restaurants, and hotels, amongst others.

Currently, it is located in the Cobbie Hill section of Brooklyn with a modern architectural building divided into several floors. The Printing Lab on the first floor, the Showroom and Office on the second floor, Penthouse and Roof Deck in the upper floors. The Flavor Lab is a pure minimalist and clean space where all the magic happens; where the splashing and spreading of colorful water-based inks flow into paper rolls valued as canvases to many artists. Their inspirations go from flowers, geometric, abstract art, natural and organic shapes, to scaled repetitions that come to life.

Since the beginning what really caught my attention, was their original concept of publicly showing all the printing process through their big windows of the first floor, where there is an all day pedestrian traffic.. Interestingly, they work in collaboration with the Kravitz Design Company, and launched the “Tropicalismo” latest collection, inspired in graphic influences of the late 1960’s Brasilian Tropicalia movement by fusing art, music and design.

Today I inspire you to shake your senses, and experiment these tasty and colorful flavors!
Visit: www.flavorleague.com 

Photo: Laura Daza