Thursday, May 26, 2011


"Amo Aurum Adaptation" - Amo from the latin -to love,  and Aurum from the Latin word for gold
-explores an abstraction of the enticing Pre-columbian art crafts with the delicate mosaic art 
of Austrian Gustav Klimt. Each garment reveals organic and geometric shapes, expresses goldsmith and filigree techniques, and represents the symbology behind these ancient masterpieces. 

This year at NYU´s Fashion Business Association Spring 2011 Fashion Show, we are presenting "Amo Aurum Adaptation", a runway show inspired on the magical nexus that exists between humans, culture and social systems. With eight spectacular women wearing our emotional and colorful designs, we show how our garments can be used during any season of the year, be it Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter. Our design and cultural anthropological background inspired us to make sense of the contribution that these disciplines make to the socio-cultural processes that exists in human´s adaptation. 

The Daza sisters where born in Barranquilla, Colombia; the coastal city which hosts the Barranquilla's Carnival - one of Unesco's Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity, and a primary inspiration for their emotional expression and use of bright colors. They lived at the Bhakti Yoga Center New York City and currently they are traveling abroad. 

Carolina has been instructing Yoga, Pilates and Latin Dancing for more than 6 years in different institutions. Amongst others, she has done it in New York University, Lululemon Athletica in Washington DC, and Studio Shakti in Holland. She graduated from NYU with a M.A in Food Culture, where she studied food and culture anthropology. She is a passionate yogini, as well as a natural cook, writer and photographer. (


Laura is also a dedicated yogini and dancer, passionate designer-artist of environmental and emotional textile surfaces. She launched her own brand in 2004, LAURA DAZA, taught for more than 3 years as an adjunct professor of Art and Design. Worked for a renowned fashion designer in NYC, Narciso Rodriguez and assisted during the Fashion Week. Laura soon will be moving to London to begin her M.A in Textile Futures. (