Thursday, October 6, 2011

AMSTERDAM-The city of bicycles


 This is me, LAURA DAZA, a design lover searching forward for new ideas, inspirations and concepts in my new journey through Europe. So the trip and adventure just started, in the ¨city of bicycles¨, AMSTERDAM, the capital city of The Netherlands. It is a city where you only see people riding bicycles, bike traffic, beautiful canals, boats, etc. I highly recommend to tour the city,  especially the Centrum (as they call it in Dutch) on a bicycle because you have the chance to enjoy and feel the city and culture. Of course, it has to be a Dutch bicycle!

So I started my journey riding a friends` bicycle. I was not used to ride this type of bike, but still the ride was amazing. I had the chance to experience as a Dutch woman, very sophisticated and chic, riding my bike all around the central part of Amsterdam!

Aspects that caught my attention
1. Women are so practical on their bikes, they do not mind if they are wearing hills, skirts, going to the grocery, being pregnant, carrying kids... its amazing!
2. People  having the best time of their lives, touring the city on boats over the beautiful canals
3. People wearing no security while riding their bikes
4. Bikes parked all over the city and it has become part of the city`s aesthetic.
5. The beautiful and iconic architecture, it looks like hand made houses.
6. Fashion is everywhere
7. Amazing markets full of flowers, books, cheeses!
8. Urban street art
9. No understanding of the Dutch language
10. Taking the beautiful tram!

Please follow me with my next adventure!