Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fashion week from the city of fashion and culture-PARIS!


27 SEPT – 5 OCT

This is my DREAM TRIP full of amazing stories, anecdotes, working experiences and inspirations. The second location of my DREAM TRIP is Paris, the city of love, culture and fashion.  It was an unbelievable experience, working during the Paris Fashion Week, with the renowned New York fashion designer, Narciso Rodriguez. A showroom was set at the St. James and Albany Hotel, located in the heart of Paris at the Rue de Rivoli, to sell the Spring 2012 collection. 

The New York Times and WWD magazine gave positive reviews to his latest collection, as Narciso´s comeback.  This was a beautiful and clean collection; optic, geometric and architectural. He used black and white lines and cubic shapes contrasted with vivid colors; giving a fresh and new vibe to his brand.

Narciso Rodriguez´s jackets must be highlighted in the collection, with built-shoulders and slender sleeves and a bias-cut to give them a nice shape. His long dresses were simple and minimalistic, like a 1940´s style fill-coupe prints with asymmetrical hems. 

Paris is the capital of fashion, culture and elegance! No one can deny that.
I had the chance to see how people, in a very chic and elegant way; walk, dress, eat, communicate and adapt to the french culture.

Aspects that caught my attention:
1. Breakfast in the french way
2. Eiffel Tower seen from the distance with an amazing sunset
3. Fashion and trendy people everywhere
4. Paris known as the capital of fashion and culture
5. Paris Fashion Week-the most important fashion trade show in the world
6. Narciso`s amazing collection
7. The greatness of Paris 
8. Walking around searching for new trends 
9. The amazing interior design of Agatha Ruiz de la Prada´s store in the heart of Paris (St. Germain des Pres) 
10. Dries Van Noten´s designs with a patch-worked style

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