Thursday, November 24, 2011

B E R L I N / Street art and Graffiti

This is an international city, famous for its modern architecture, urban art and cultural diversity. Is the city with the biggest graffiti collection in the world and it is available all around the city. After its reunification in 1990, Berlin, has had a continuous process of social and urban change.

The next stop of my journey is Berlin, the city of Urban Art, Expressionism and History!

Therefore, this vibrant city has become a creative and artistic space for graffiti people with multiple perspectives and styles. Berlin´s street art is a very important ingredient in the scenic view of the city and where people feel free to express ideas, emotions and inspirations!

You have the chance to see left parts of the Berlin walls all painted by contemporary artists, making it a unique mark of their culture. This walls divided the city in East and West side, separating one same city and culture, into two different worlds. A palette of vivid colors cover all these concrete walls left from the war; giving a sense of joy and hope to Berliners!

Street artists from all around the world have a special attraction to this city full of canvas walls. You can find one of the most important graffitis made by famous artists.

If you are a street art lover, you must visit Berlin and enjoy its colors!

Continue with me on my next journey!

Aspects that caught my attention

1. Modern architecture contrasted with historical architecture
2. Ruins left from the war
3. Berlin Walls full of colors
3. Urban space for artists
4. The energy left from the war
5. The most famous graffitis are in Berlin
6. Kilometers of walls left as an open space gallery
7. Everyone speaks english even spanish
8. Multiculturality
9. Bikes around the city
10. How advanced is the Textile Discipline terms of research and development 

Photos: Ciro Carrozino