Sunday, November 27, 2011

MAXXI-Museum of Contemporary Art Rome

Via Guido Reno-Rome 

Continuing my journey, the next adventure is Rome! 
The Maxxi museum in the Flaminio neighborhood at the heart of Rome, has a contemporary view of architecture and art juxtaposed in the same place. Its amazing organic architecture was designed by Zaha Hadid the renowned Iraqi-British architect of our modern times. It is quiet interesting how classical architecture blends with contemporary, making it a place for entertainment and art appreciation. This project leaded by Hadid´s architectural design firm took 10 years for it to be completed due to its complexity and political issues.

The building´s longitudinal design, creates an optical illusion that simulates movement, as huge waves emerging from within towards the shore. Its infrastructure was built with materials such as concrete, glass and steel giving an elegant and minimal appereance to be contrasted with the vivid artworks from the temporary and permanent collections.

This can be seen at the imposing entrance that leads to the reception, bookstore, cafeteria, galleries and auditorium, giving a perfect ambiance for the interaction between artistic communities. This communities of art lovers, can appreciate the internal architectural view, while enjoying the amazing Italian style coffee with dessert in the futurist-organic cafe.

MAXXI is a museum of contemporary-applied arts such as architecture, photography, art, design, media and painting, with the objective of promoting the current creative Italian-expression through a space for cultural innovation and a laboratory for artistic experimentation. Art and architecture are essential components for means of communication through image and perception, which the museum emphasizes to transmit ideas and concepts throughout the world, as well as receive the flux of information from international cultures.

The MAXXI dimensions:
total surface area: 29 000mq
exterior space: 19 640mq
interior space: 21 200mq
exhibition surface area: 10 000mq
maximal height: 22 90mt

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