Saturday, August 25, 2012


 El Tiempo Article

One way to a conscious society is through the powerful tool of DESIGN. It can be said that design has the capacity to nurture a society's identity; to create conscious communities with one common goal; to work for disabled people or people in need; to generate impact and is the way to reflect contemporary's social issues. People may benefit from one simple idea or more complex ones that have been previously brainstormed, designed and made tangible by creative people.

This article shows the interdisciplinary work of Colombian designers with one main goal and is DISENO POR LA TIERRA / DESIGN FOR THE EARTH. Having a better understanding of what is sustainability and the relationship between the environment and human beings is what these designers focused on.

LAURA DAZA www. with the 'Arawetè project'; and other designers, as the well-known Colombian architect, Giancarlo Mazzanti with his 'Social garden'; Carolina Delgado with 'A garden of vintage pieces' and Manuela Castaño with 'Reverdecer: Watering jewelry', through different fields such as architect, jewelry, industrial and textile design are aiming to show a better Colombian society.

Photography: Natalia Carrasco El Tiempo Article

Laura Daza, with the collaboration of Colombian photographer Natalia Carrasco, developed the Arawetè+Textiles Vegetales project with the aim of inspiring women for a more conscious lifestlye in terms of what they wear, eat and do. It conveys a new conscious and natural style through the design of sustainable textiles and apparel for the contemporary woman. Moreover, the collection pursues to reinterpret, the cultural and the aesthetic indigenous background, from South American communities in a modern and chic way.