Thursday, August 23, 2012

Marlène Huissoud- An Interview with Textile Artist and Designer

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Is the process more important than the result?

Is the process more important than the final product? Some may argue that the final product is more important, while others may say that the process of creating is what enriches a project. For this textile designer, the process of experimentation is what gives real meaning to her creations.

Marlène Huissoud is a 22-year-old French Designer, from the artistic city of Lyon. She graduated in 2011, with honors, from the School of Fine Arts & Design in Lyon and currently, she will start a master’s program in Textile Futures at the Central Saint Martins College in London. Being a young designer, has given this artist a different perspective about life; her intriguing personality and unique style makes her stand out from the crowd. The philosophy of enjoying everyday makes her life an impetuous journey.

Photography: Marlène Huissoud
Title: Quiproc

Photography: Marlène Huissoud
Title: Generative

This conceptual artist/designer develops research in an ongoing experimentation, as a creative laboratory of ideas. For this artist, the process of nurturing ideas spontaneously is essential as a process-oriented form of art, which contributes to an automatic style. This designer finds inspiration everywhere, and specially in other attracting artists that have explored different elements in nature. That is to say, she works with ideas that pop up in her mind without much of preliminary research.

It is clear that the technique of this artist derives from a random style. The use of her hands is valuable to express her passions, fears and experiences; and moreover a way to canalize her energy. Hand drawing is what the artist is most into, in order to connect with the surface of the paper and be guided by the use of a pen through the drawing frame. The resulting work reflects the time and effort she spends in every developing work. Using the same inked pen, when drawing for 25 hours generates a gray scale gradation effect on her designs. The concepts used in the artist’s work are primarily, contrast between black and white and repetition of the basic design elements such as dots and lines. 

Mixing drawings with technology have made her designs unique. For instance, this artist alters her drawings by manipulating software tools with her eyes shut, giving a unique and experimental texture. The experimentation with elements such as fire and liquids is quiet interesting in her work and how the materials react to these elements giving an appealing finish. 


Photography: Marlène Huissoud
Fire experimentation 

The passions of this designer are focused in spending time developing her projects and experimenting with new ideas and techniques. Marlene visualizes herself as working together with others artists and the exchange of ideas, to create new experimental projects. Her latest project is the SERENDPT Silk Scarves, in which the exploration with the term serendipity is essential. It can be said serendipity is a ‘pleasant surprise’ or finding something by accident without searching for it.


Photography: Marlène Huissoud
Fire experimentation 

To conclude, it is safe to say that exploration and experimentation are key elements in the performance of an artist. It is not just about the product itself but also about the hidden meaning it conveys to inspire others. Artists and designers should start thinking in a conscious way considering that they hold in their hands, tools to transform positively a society.


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