Monday, January 21, 2013

An Outdoor Gallery / Bristol

This is my trip to Bristol, a city in the South West England. Is the sixth largest city in England, bringing a huge culture and arts capital to the region. This city is famous for its music and film industries, and especially for Street Art. Bristol is also home to street art event See No Evil, which started in 2011. 

Phtotography: Laura Daza

While walking around the central area, I got lost several times between old buildings and modern architecture and the unique print of coloured murals. It can be said that the famous Stoke's Croft neighborhood is an outdoor gallery and a cultural quarter, in which graffiti artists have the freedom to express themselves and bring colour and life to the people living there. You have the chance to get inmersed into this fantasy and sarcastic world where everything is allowed.  Art and graffiti are quite visible, they are everywhere generating contrasts; inside and outside, up and down, black and white, neutral and coloured, old and modern. Compared to other cities where they have turned down many of the graffiti art.

BANKSY, as everyone calls him, is one of the world's most famous and notorious street artists, leaving his legacy on concrete walls of important cities such as London, Paris, New York. His early artworks are visible in Bristol, city where the 'aerosol boom' started in the late 1980's. His controversial and sarcastic style has made this artist famous by joking on politics, culture, war and ethics.

If you enjoy these contrasts, especially Street Art, this is your city.

Photos: Laura Daza, Ciro Carrozzino