Friday, August 2, 2013

M O B A A New Materiality of the Body / Fetishism in Fashion

MOBA (,  Fashion Biennale Arnhem,  took place in the Netherlands from June 8 until July 21, 2013. The re-known curator Lidewij Edelkoort, selected a relevant theme for this year's exhibition, 'Fetishism in Fashion'. 

Photography Laura Daza

This exhibition investigates from diverse angles the evolution of taste, the interaction with skin and body, the power of black and how our desires and fixations are socially constructed. The main exhibition MOBA Centraal, shows 13 thematic rooms including Moodroom, Shamanism, Nudism, Infantilism, Legendism, Patriotism, Absurdism, Sado-masochism..., which were beautifully put together to inspire and inform the mood for fetishistic fashion. 

The exquisite use of materials, new colour palettes, and a new materiality of the body, which shows the connection between body and skin, is the translation of people's obsessions and the need to create bonds with physical objects. The interrogation of Fetishism was quite appropriate... What is Fetishism? Fetishism, is misunderstood by many, is not just about one's sexuality. It can be said is related to the emotional connection we generate with objects and people in  different environments, that make ourselves feel grateful. 'As our culture is moving towards a new era where sexuality will merge with spirituality' (Edelkoort)

The use of intriguing garments and extreme accessories were seen in rooms such as the Absurdism and Sado-masochism, by showing corsets, crinolines, hoop skirts, togas and cloaks using diverse materials and textures. Edelkoort, meticulously selected the best pieces that interrogated Fetishism, showcasing designs and concepts from well known and emergent designers, throughout the globe. 

A new spectrum for Fashion was shown by looking at this topic through different lenses, and how it influence today's society by generating new fetishes.

Photos: Laura Daza