Wednesday, September 11, 2013

C O L O U R P A L E T T E / Basalt Columns in Sicily

Visiting the 'Gole dell'Alcantara' geological park in Sicily, was an exciting and unbelievable adventure; getting amazed by nature's immensity and perfection. Is one of the most interesting and spectacular places to visit because of its contrasts of geological formations of basalt columns, waterfalls and land consisting of citrus and olive groves, pastures and forests. You get consumed by nature and its surroundings.

Approximately 8,000 years ago, volcanic Mount Etna erupted and spilled lava flows, which resulted in the formation of the columns because of the fast-cooling of the lava, giving birth to different shapes such as the castate di legno - 'stacks of firewood' (horizontal type), arched type and rosette - rose shaped (radial type). 

This columnar jointed volcanics exists on many places on earth. The journey and tour was conducted by geologist Ciriaco Carrozzino, who explained these phenomenons in a fun and exciting way.

Photos: Ciro Carrozzino