Sunday, October 13, 2013

C O S M E T I C A / A tool for the future

COSMETICA is a project designed by Studio LAURA DAZA. It comes from the Greek word kosmetike 'technique for ornamentation', are care substances to enhance the appearance, this project starts with the idea of building a scenario for the women of tomorrow. Thinking about her basic needs specially in the area of cosmetics, using local materials left by human exploitation.

COSMETICA is a collection of analogue tools to enhance the facial appearance of tomorrow's women, who desire wellbeing in their lives and want a better control of what they use onto their skin. These set of tools allow the mixing of earthy pigments and natural oils. 

I believe that we will become collectors and makers again, in order to satisfy our basic needs. The idea of going outdoors and explore our environment and use local resources such as vegetal charcoal, limestone and earthy pigments from iron oxide soils, which gives its reddish colour to pigments; and creating an earthy and natural palette for cosmetics.

The project's inspirations comes from the Isle of Portland, a limestone tied island in the English Channel. It has been inhabited since at least the Mesolithic period (the Middle Stone Age)—there is archaeological and geological evidence.

Photos: Laura Daza