Tuesday, February 4, 2014

C O L O U R S in Istanbul / Turkey

The Traveling Colour Book sailed to Istanbul to celebrate the 30th birthday of its writer and designer, Laura Daza www.lauradaza.com, with a box full of dreams, experiences and apprenticeship. This is the perfect place to get new inspirations and learn its magnificent history and traditional heritage, which is kept sacred. 

This metropolis and commercial centre, represents the encounter of multiple ethnic groups; the union of two continents Europe and Asia; diverse religions; where Byzantine architecture meets the Ottoman and modern and food has a strong mix between Turkish and Greek, which makes it a positive overwhelming experience.
Istanbul is a caotic city, because of transport issues, lack of infraestructure and rising population but on the contrary, the charm and joy of is people is quite unique. The colours, flavours, aromas and detailed designs can be seen reflected everywhere, mainly in its architecture, food and textiles. Their weaving tradition is a very strong one and is a beautiful thing to admire.  Watch an Anatolian girl weave a doble knot carpet is fascinating to see; something that is been handmade. She uses silk threads in different colours dyed with natural colours such as cochineal, indigo, madder, as it was done during ancient times.

I highly recommend this place to visit if you are a traditional textile lover.
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Photos: Laura Daza