Monday, February 8, 2016

L A G U A J I R A / Dessert landscapes

Inside Colombia's most adventurous and arid experience. La Guajira, Colombia is far away - blissfully away. The environmentally protected peninsula is located in the Northern part of Colombia - 4/6 hours from Santa Marta.

A reddish-orange dessert into the sea; canyons and cliffs reflecting in the emerald sea; indigenous communities such as 'Wayuu' people; dunes and sandstorms; arid landscapes full of giant cactus; sleeping in 'chinchorros' handmade hammocks; eating fresh fish, lobster and goat meat. 

This dessert paradise is located in La Guajira peninsula of Northern Colombia, where you may explore 'Cabo de la Vela' and 'Punta Gallinas' which is the most northern point in South America. 

This is a life experience you will never forget, where peace and harmony coexists with nature's immensity. 

Get inspired by this wild colour palette.

Photos: Ciro Carrozzino