Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Colour Alchimia at PAW . CHEW . GO

Hey colour lovers!
This is what happened during our Colour Alchimia workshop held in Milan during the Pawchewgo Festival from October 14th – 15th. 

More than 40 Italian illustrators brought together for an exhibition and marketplace enhanced by talks, exhibits  and workshops, in a creative hub called Base.

We had the chance to develop a 2-day workshop fully immersed in colour! 

Participants discovered, experimented and created natural colours from scratch by transforming raw materials into the magic of coloured pigments. 

On the first day, the colour palette was inspired in an earthy, rich, hot and warm one. Made up of strong nuances but with the subtlety of degradation of each colour. 

Participants experimented with yellow and orange saffron and with hues such as red and white made with ochres and eggshells.

Ochres are found in earth form containing different types of iron oxide minerals such as hematite and limonite, which gives its particular colour; from red, yellow to brown. 

The second day participants had the chance to experiment with a mineral and cold coloured palette made up of azurite blue shades, lampblack, white and green clays. 

Azurite is a natural mineral found in many parts of the world in copper ore deposits. It is a strong coloured pigment unless ground finely, which makes it pale. 

This green clay also known as 'terre-verte' was widely used for painting and medicinal purposes. Sourced mainly from Verona in Italy. 

The process of making lampblack is quite interesting, by collecting the soot from burning a candle. It is an opaque and light pigment easy to use. 

Participants created smart colour swatches and raw moodboards. 

Here you may see the beautiful shades and hues obtained by using just 4 raw materials, azurite, lampblack, white and green clay. The white clay turned to be a creamy 'cappuccino' colour as one of the participants named it. 

We are organising another Colour Alchimia workshop in Milan on December 2017. For more information here or email studiolauradaza@gmail.com. Stay tuned!

Photos: Pawchewgo, Serena Pulga, Studio Laura Daza