Saturday, January 27, 2018


Hey colour lovers,
It's been a while, I know!
I've been a little bit disconnected recharging myself and meditating about new workshops and projects. 
I want to share with you what happened during our Colour Alchimia workshop held at School of Form in Poland last year in November. 
A 4-day intensive workshop with super talented students from Domestic Design course. 

Students had to design a material palette by exploring the properties of colour. Every student had a different approach to the brief and very interesting outputs came out. 

They were invited to get their hands stained and messy in the Colour Alchimia workshop. Exploring traditional colour pigments, the narrative of provenance and the art of grinding colours by hand!

Students were encouraged to try and test new techniques and processes and give some focus to what they developed during the workshop. The aim was to fully explore the properties of materials, raw ingredients, colour and how they as designers can intervene.

Through these series of material experiments students demonstrated and explored their creative skills, conceptual as well as practical. Showing their individual design identity, as well as an understanding of contemporary design and styling.

Students recreated colours such as verdigris, saffron yellow, whiteshell, red and yellow ochre, azurite blue, malachite green, white and green clay,  and also new shades were created by exploring concepts such as layering and mixing colours. 

The image above is a great example of a monochromatic moodboard. Created by a student using her final swatches. Colours such as peach, pink and nude make this a unique one. She mixed different amounts of white and green clay with red ochre to get this tones.

One student wanted to apply the colours and pigments extracted on ceramics. This a great example of the application of blue azurite and also a very nice composition.

This is a great example of using a warmer colour palette. Materials such as saffron and ochres were applied onto different surfaces such as wood, paper and fabric. 

During the experimentation phase, students extracted colour from the animal, plant and mineral world. They experimented with properties of colour such as materiality, tactility, emotion, softness, hardness, smell and processes for making colour such as grinding, crushing, washing, filtering, sieving, drying, dipping. 

   I'm very excited for the upcoming workshops! In my next post I'll give further information about them. Stay tuned! Follow us on instagram @colour_alchimia.

Photos by: Jacek Dajweski, Katarzyna Kujawa, Lidia Radziszewska, Anastasiya Gurina, Agata Starmach, Aleksandra Stachowska