Friday, April 13, 2018

A journey into EDNA VOLCANO


Since ancient times humans have wanted to enhance their lives with colourswhether worn as ornamentation, stained onto our bodies as symbolic rituals and tattoos, in painting or applied to clothing. Colour denoted social status, most importantly, a source of pleasure and desire.

The pursuit for colour has been part of our history.  It can be said that nature, especially forests and jungles are the sanctuary of colour treasure. Nature provides a particularly vivid display of colour.

Colour sensation is a characteristic of human experience. Colour enthusiasts explored in forests, oceans and in uninhabited wilderness for capturing nature's most compelling hues. 

People are always looking for inspiration; looking for something new to add some excitement to their lives; therefore going outdoors is essential.

Last year, my sister and I had the chance to visit the impressive Edna volcano in Sicily.  We explored the power and fragility of nature. Amazed by the immensity of the volcano, we embarked on a journey 1900 mts. of altitude.

Edna volcano is located in the region of Catania, a quite fertile area, composed of volcanic ash, lava stone, sediments and colourful minerals. The compelling landscape is mainly a black dessert and textured with vibrant ochres

The landscape is painted with a deep black hue, full with moon-like craters. The craters are coloured with shades going from rusted red, violet red, red orange, dusky madder, ochre red, neutral grey, slate, deep violet  and black.  

I am a passionate colour hunter searching for new colour stories and inspirations. 

Photos: @lauradazacarreno, @the_global_yogini