About me

Welcome to The Colour Maker, a blog written by me, Laura Daza. A colour journal, which juxtaposes my daily inspirations, experiments and recipes with raw materials; also fascinating colour stories and travels hunting for natural colours. 

I am Colombian. I was born and raised in a Caribbean city full of vibrant colours, folklore and Carnival, where my curiosity for colour started. 

I experiment with colour as a material and translate it onto different surfaces. 

A few years ago, I had this idea of collecting my colour inspirations in a journal and share it with colour lovers! It is a celebration of colour, materiality and textures. It is what I SEE and FEEL on a daily basis. I create new colour palettes from journeys and stories in extraordinary places around the globe. So, I started The Traveling Colour Book. 

I hope to inspire you!

I am passionate about reviving ancient origins of colour. Developing an understanding and knowledge of how colour was once sourced, crafted and utilised in the past. I hope to both celebrate the ancient rituals and alchemic techniques and encourage you to once again appreciate colour provenance. 

I consider myself a revivalist and a storyteller, looking to the past to get new inspirations, understand the provenance and science of things in order to adapt this today in a practical, sustainable and contemporary way. My aim is to bring back an appreciation for colour and how we use it today. 

My project Colour Provenance has gained international exposure featured in numerous magazines and blogs.  
Read more HERE and HERE.

I am very proud that my work as a colour designer and alchemist has been featured  in Frame Magazine, It's Nice That, Style Indicator, Trend Tablet, Thisispaper, Icon, Philippa Wagner, Arts Thread, Material Lab, Color Objects, Unique Style Platform, LSN Global, AD Germany, The Chromologist, Domus, Icon Design IT, Elle, L'Officiel, Design Milk, Form.

Also what I do:

/ Colour Design & Trends
/ Art Direction & Styling
/ Fashion & Textile design
/ Brand identity 


I also created Colour Alchimia a series of experimental workshops. 
Get your hands-on with me to discover, experiment and create new colours from scratch by transforming raw materials, from the animalplant, and mineral world into the magic of coloured pigments. Unusual materials and ingredients such as eggshells, copper sheets, earths, semi precious stones, resins, gums, egg yolks and glaires, honey, salts will be used. 

This useful workshop will teach you how to make colours DIY at home. Learn its history, origin, methods and recipes. You will learn various methods and techniques when making hand ground pigments, how to make natural paint and the application of these onto various surfaces.

Colour Alchimia will take you through a fascinating journey into the past to make you re-appreciate colour today and in the near future. Read more HERE.

Want more information about our workshops?
Send us an email studiolauradaza@gmail.com
IG @colour_alchimia 

Photo: Natalia Carrasco & Kkgas